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Like You Tube, cyberthreats on the websites aren’t the problem.That is, you can’t get a virus just from playing Minecraft, League of Legends or Roblox.For video sites like You Tube, cyber threats come not from streaming videos but from other parts of the platform.

Sit down with your kids and show them how you check your emails.

Even have them send you one themselves with a message and an attachment like a picture.

Minecraft and Roblox are just two examples of popular user-generated online games that let kids build worlds and share them with others.

While such games are good for building imaginations and relationships, they’re also the playground for hackers.

Although it may seem that malware attacks and cybercrime live in the adult world, cyber thieves regularly target children and teens where they’re most active – chat rooms, social media, video streaming sites and online video games.

Children are good targets because they may have high levels of trust in people and low levels of knowledge in cybersecurity.Visit sites like and show your kids common ways cybecriminals spread viruses via direct messages on Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks.Social engineering is a powerful way for cyberthieves to trick children into infecting their own devices or revealing personal information.Apps like Snapchat allow users to post images and messages that only show up temporarily and then are removed. Cyber thieves and bullies can easily take screenshots and photos of information and images before they disappear.Popular apps like Whisper keep a user’s identity unknown, while others like Anomo start you off as anonymous but let you change your settings over time.Being a parent is hard, especially when you have to keep up with the growing list of technological changes affecting your children.

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