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I plan on moving next month, so hopefully that will end the relationship.My biggest concern is that he has given her 4 STDs!! I swear I would be locked up if I found out my 14-year old daughter was dating an 18-year old boy, and he gave her 4 STDs! Yeah, you would be reading about me on every blog, and seeing me on all the news channels. Chile, you got my blood pressure up with this letter.These teenagers may be positive influences, and may be able to speak to her and reach her in a way that you as an adult cannot.

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I am a Medical Assistant, so I have warned my daughter about different diseases and how they affect the body. When I took her to get formally diagnosed she was crying and upset. I told her he doesn’t care about her because he still has not been treated by any doctors and still has all those diseases!! A Mad Black Mother, Ma’am, I am mad with you, and for you! Ain’t no way his ole nasty infectious tainted penis and crusty baby nuts would be walking around. I wish my child would tell me that it’s not going to stop her from seeing him.

(Trichomonias, Gonorrhea, and genital herpes) I even have her seeing a psychologist, and she says that’s not going to stop her from being with him. She would know what temporary blindness feels like, and it would be the last time she ever said something like that to me! What dissolves him from being 18 and dating a 14-year old?

Discipline is in order, and I mean taking her cell phone, computer, and access to social media, and, then once she has earned your trust, and has been able to earn back certain privileges then you allow her to use the computer. You check her emails, social media sites, and what she’s doing and whom she’s communicating with.

And, if she gets out of school before you get home from work, then she needs to be involved with afterschool activities, or being supervised by a guardian.

My daughter met this boy back in April and has been seeing him ever since.

The problem is that she is 14-years old, and he just turned 18-years old.Especially, with new technology such as cell phones, computers, and social media.With that, I strongly suggest taking her cell phone, computer, and other access to social media outlets which will give her access to this nasty a** boy. Don’t allow him at your house, in your house, near your house, or around the perimeters of your house.Perhaps she may feel comfortable talking with your pastor and sharing with him/her things that she may not feel comfortable sharing with you.You may want to consider attending an infectious disease group meeting with your local clinic.Go there with all the paperwork and proof, and, if they are resistant in believing their son is responsible for the STDs, then you schedule a visit with them, and him to the doctor.

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