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It’s a nearly-impossible-to-believe Inca ruin in a nearly-impossible-to-believe location that has tugged at my heart strings forever. Go to: Machu Picchu Which is an I-was-there video filmed in an amazing sort of way.

However, through the power of the Web, there is little I haven’t experienced visually and intellectually about it. Then look at which explores/explains the engineering involved in Machu Picchu.

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So, if a kid graduated high school even in 1978 (technically he’d be a senior citizen by now), as an adult, he never knew life without a computer and his remembrances of pre-computer times would be his school days.

A 1998 graduate lived with computers and cell phones from the moment he/she was slipped into their first diaper.

These days I find myself periodically reverting to being my own personal ground man to keep the dizzying whirl of life rushing past from reaching in and tweaking my brain in an undesirable way.

In truth, it’s almost as if I’m on speed and spend my days racing from one project to another before I finally crash and purposely take a 15-minute power nap while sitting at the computer.

I’m certain that everyone goes through the same time warp I’m experiencing but it is so obvious to me that it’s nearly surreal.

I’ve never done acid (or any other drug), but during the ‘60’s I served as “ground man” on others that were tripping out and worked at talking them down to keep them from going off into the ozone layer.My life-long complaint of “so much to do and experience and not nearly enough years to do it” is constantly flashing on the horizon like a beckoning neon sign. The most amazing thing, however, is that the genes I’ve inherited (actually the result of picking the right parents), have kept my health at unrealistically high levels considering the miles and maintenance. And I’m trying to take advantage of those genes before they wake up one morning and decide to make me act my age.BTW – the foregoing is definitely NOT what I sat down to write about.It has become glaringly obvious to today’s parents, and definitely to grandparents, who might be only in their 40’s or 50’s, that there is one phrase we absolutely cannot use in advising our kids: “When I was your age…” ‘Can’t use it because we were never their age and practically nothing we experienced is applicable to today’s generations.The social, cultural and technological changes that have occurred over the past two generations, call it 40 years at two decades per generation, are mind numbing.Many are the result of the way both TV and the app generation, born first, of the computer, and second, the smart phone and its bastard child, social media, have changed social constructs.

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