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For the latest documentation, see Set up server-side synchronization of email, appointments, contacts, and tasks.

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More information: Report Definition Language Reference Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides many out-of-box reports for viewing your business data.

You can create custom reports using one of these reports as templates or can create a custom report from scratch.

Print these infographics or download customizable templates and print them out for your team.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes reports that provide useful business information to the user.

For more information about Azure AD pricing, you can contact the Azure Active Directory Forum.

Check out these 5 tips to make Outlook work for you and organize your inbox with folder clean up, archive, and more.All reports that are created using the Report Wizard in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 are Fetch-based reports.Reports in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) run in sandbox mode, and this is done by enabling RDL sandboxing in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.To enhance your Azure Active Directory, you can add paid capabilities using the Azure Active Directory Basic, Premium P1, and Premium P2 editions.Azure Active Directory paid editions are built on top of your existing free directory, providing enterprise class capabilities spanning self-service, enhanced monitoring, security reporting, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and secure access for your mobile workforce.More information: Enable and Disable RDL Sandboxing In addition to the reporting capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics 365, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) the Power BI for Office 365 cloud service works together with Microsoft Office Excel to provide a self-service analytics solution.

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