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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Ahaha, I guessed that you're a Sagittarius the second I read your posts.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... The topic should crop up very naturally in the process of getting to know each other over a period of time and i dont mean months and months........ You won't get an answer to your question here, because not all 55 year old women have the same wants and needs.

I took a brief look at your profile, I think the photo of you active and on the beach is great.

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i made a clumsy attempt at asking her about her views on sexuality and it was goodbye Soulmate. Bringing it up too early will raise some red flags and make it look like that is all you are interested in. ) I think at a certain age, most women have foregone some of the issues on looks ( not that you are an ugly fellow, but I'm a guy, I can't really honestly comment on how I think women will perceive your looks) and look more to fitness and health and how financially viable you are.

(not that there is anything wrong with that)Well, that is not exactly what I had in mind. I am looking for a nice long term relationship with a woman that is on the same page that I am on. The more money you have, the less likely they will be burdened to take care of you.

Decent men may not realize just how much women have to put up with from aggressive guys who come on strong sexually. I have burned up several months trying to deal with women on websites and the one outstanding problem is proximity. I am hoping some women will pound their keyboards and tell me what is up!

They may want a man to take more time getting to know her before starting talk about sex, so she feels like he's really interested in HER and not just a romp in the sack. Did you actually meet her in real life and have a few dates in order to get any idea of whether or not she was a perfect fit. Bringing sex into the discussion is not going to fly with many women before you meet in person ( or on the first meet ) unless they are interested in a quick romp.

And again, I think your text profile mentioning your financial stability, your good health, if you have it, your resources to manage your health and if you have the ability to travel, would all be pluses for you.

You seem like a good decent fellow, and I'm sure the culture shock of how dating works today compared to when you started maybe 40 years ago is a bit of a thing to adjust to right now.

I tried very hard to just be as honest with you as I could. Women over 55 enjoy, and desire sex, just like everyone does.

But they just don't want to be a another notch on some jerk's bedpost. " I already know (I knew the risk when sent it) it was stupid and tactless.

Also the more money you have, the more opportunity they will potentially have to travel with you or have outdoor activities.

And, grim as it sounds, sorry to say it, many women will not commit IMHO to an older man unless there is a backside with an upside in his will.

I'm not saying that will make it impossible, but I am saying how attractive your situation is will probably change some of the parameters.

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