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Even today, the work resonates with scientific wonder and philosophical intrigue, so join Robert a What are the shadiest lies in the animal kingdom?

Yet this fascinating anatomical feature has a deep evolutionary history and is itself a marvel of engineering.

Join Robert and Joe for a look at this most marvelous al Prior to the germ theory of disease, miasma theory ruled the day -- the notion that bad air, full of destructive particles, wafted out from the foul places of the earth to corrupt everything it touched.

Learn all about the ramifications of this Are apps, smart phones and social media sucking us dry? In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert Lamb and Joe Mc Cormick explore the Proteus Effect, named for the sha Legend has it that a variety of crabs contain the ghosts of a drowned samurai army -- and each bears a grimacing warrior face on their backs to prove it.

As Robert Lamb and Joe Mc Cormick discuss in this two-part Stuff to Blow Your Mind exploration, the modern media experience certainly depletes our attention. Why is it so annoying and just what's being communicated between What effect does a virtual reality avatar have on the user? But what can we really gather from this biological peculiarity?

Basic computer skills are required, along with a sexy Female voice and a creative mind.

Job requirements: Dedicated high speed internet access Able to work for 4-8 hours a day 5 days a week speaking on the phone using your Computer and a High Speed Internet Connection.

Job Details: We are looking to hire operators that will dial into an adult chat line and speak with men for 4 - 8 hours a day using a high speed internet connection, a home computer and a head set with microphone and speaker.

We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to connect to the chat line.

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These alien worlds of ice, fire, desolation and hidden oceans tantalize us with their possibility for extraterrestrial life and human exploration of the outer solar syst Canst thou draw out Livyatan melvillei with a hook?

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