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''In fact, there are rather few Cooks without an e on the end - one in five according to my phone book - so there is a sort of rule that if you've got an ordinary noun you either add a silent e to make it a surname or very often you double the consonant, so Hogg gets a double g.

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During the research for his book, he unearthed original, uncorrected manuscripts of Keats, Hemingway and Woolf and found spelling mistakes in all of them. ''We have a large vocabulary in English and it appears one doesn't remember sufficient bits of information for one-off words.'' He also traced the deliberate mis-spelling of words back 100 years or so, for example exchanging a ''c'' for a ''k'' as in Krusty the Klown, and dialect spelling back to Dickens, a literary tradition upheld by artists such as Sean Paul with Dutty Rock.

Yet, when seen in popular culture, these mis-spellings often provoke tuts of disapproval. The influence of communications technology has, of course, been the subject of much discussion among pedants.

People have a visual memory for these individual sounds, then you remember the pronunciation of the whole.

''If you take a word like the, we don't seem to process that letter by letter. In the book there's a test called the e-deletion test, and for native English speakers the e in the is more or less invisible.

, details a few basic rules about spelling, while encouraging creativity.

It's like Lynne Truss's Eats, Shoots & Leaves, except it's about spelling instead of punctuation and is permissive rather than tyrannical.

It took 17 keystrokes and seven with normal spelling.'' How we choose to spell may have changed in recent years, but the way in which we learn to spell has not.

''According to the theory, there are two ways in which we spell in English,'' says Cook.

''I think there are two sides to spelling,'' says Cook.

''One is the moral side of 'thou shalt not spell' and a lot of people are hung up on the decline of standards and that kind of thing.

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