Adult dating site for cheaters

For millions, adultery via the Internet has become the new normal.Since the launch of the Canada-based Ashley Madison website in 2002, which created a sensation with its seductive slogan "Life is short, have an affair," the numbers turning to online infidelity have soared.

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Adult dating site for cheaters

Whether it is spy cameras or phone apps which store text messages or track an individual's movements, there is an ever-growing technological arsenal available to those seeking to unmask the unfaithful.

Jeffrey Jurist, whose website Spy sells a vast range of surveillance equipment said that individuals seeking to uncover adultery account for around one-third of the company's turnover.

Young and old, men and women, rich or poor, frequenters of adultery sites come from all backgrounds, with a clear majority of users being men in their 40s, according to Ashley Madison.

The reasons individuals are drawn to such sites are equally diverse.

There are now dozens of similar websites offering the promise of extramarital relationships with domain names that are unabashedly direct, from

For Noel Biderman, the founder of Ashley Madison, his site and others like it are merely facilitating a human desire that is as old as time.Predictably, adultery sites have little time for the argument that they are a corrupting influence.Jay Thompson, a spokesman for, says simply that the site's customers -- around three million people -- "are adults." "I believe in people's freedom, they have the right to choose who they want to be, especially when it comes to sexuality," added Biderman."Some people want to 'shake up' their lives, there are people with a 'kink', something they enjoy about sex that their partner wouldn't do." Greg, 45, has no doubt about the effect Ashley has had on his personal life."I think it's fair to say that without (it), I would probably be divorced by now," he said."I was married at a very young age, I was 18," she told AFP in an email.

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