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There is no need to hide or be too forward and pompous with the fact of being a proud single dad. If your date asks about your marital status or the age of your kid, it is better to tell everything as it is.

You are working for your future and the future of your child.

Your goal is to substitute him or her a mother and explain the truth of life. Also, your bad habits might influence your child negatively, because children tend to copy their fathers very often. Skillfully combine the method of approval and punishment. If a child is not mature enough, then he or she may simply not be ready for the lady he or she has to call mother. If your child feels neglected, the connection will be lost for years. Do not forget that the child really needs new information, so spend a few hours a day reading, playing development games or watching educational films. That's why you should learn to take care of the baby and make up for the lack of female affection, love, and attention.

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The reasons of becoming a single dad can be different: either your spouse left you for good, or it can be a terrible family situation or death of one member.

Either way, the child needs to feel as if there is no missing part of the puzzle that is called“family”.

No one can take this opportunity from you, even your beloved child!

Single dad dating profile examples: You should keep it simple and sincere.

Single dads are heroes who decide to carry on and not lose faith.

As of social reports, only 16.1% of single-parent households today are headed by fathers.

There are a number of common features that distinguish single fathers - for example, they are generally more responsible and more restrained.

After all, raising a child is a real school of life, when every day you have to learn something new and cope with new difficulties.

First of all, a single dad should understand that he can never take proper care of his children if he does not take care of himself at first.

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