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Google maps can probably help find one of these near each of your stopping points.

That's about as far as I've gotten myself, but I'll be following to see if anyone else offers tips. I Googled both of those and while I think they would be great for in the car they pose one problem and that is getting a cat safely to and from the hotel.

The cats will be much more comfortable in a separate covered carrier.

I haven't figured out exactly what to do yet, though was contemplating the big enclosure for the car and then transfer them to small carriers to get them into the hotel (do this with the car doors closed and no path to escape). All three were indoor cats who had never been outside before. I traveled 4 hour with two cats and prepared for weeks if not months. The cats will require acclimation to driving over a course of weeks if not months.

They got them harnesses and leashes so the cats could wander about the back seat inside of being cramped into a cat carrier and were able to take the on walks whenever they stopped. The cats will require a visit to the vet for up to date vaccinations. In my case I had a very long and detailed relationship with the vet and acquired medicine to sedate the one cat.

The vet will recommend sedation weeks or months prior to the journey to better understand the correct dosage and the effects of the dosage.

I rented a mini van specifically for the travel and each cat fit nicely in a cat carrier.

Especially in the Southwest the temps will be very high. Here's some links that may prove helpful but imho, I'd leave the cats at home or in a kennel or with a friend - anything but taking them with you. In a kennel you can shade them with a towel and direct some a/c on them when it gets hot but they won't be roaming around and getting under the seats and in harms way. We've traveled cross-country with cats twice now and the only way to go is with a travel cage.

We actually had one made that would fit in the back of a station wagon.

You don't say when this is going to happen but if it is in the summer time then I can only imagine how challenging this will be for you and them.

I have had to do this with one cat when my DH worked in a job where we lived in motels for a summer. Cats are creatures who prowl in the night and usually aren't happy being cooped up in a strange motel room.

I may be moving cross country with my cats this summer too (DC to Phoenix) and am struggling with the same issue (enjoy the road trip vs get there quickly).

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