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Our Mission: to raise the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of American Indians and Alaska Natives to the highest level.

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The IHS is the principal federal health care provider and health advocate for Indian people, and its goal is to raise their health status to the highest possible level.

Under the previous law, hunters were prohibited from aggressive tactics such shooting or trapping wolves while at their dens with cubs, spotting grizzly bears from aircraft, killing hibernating bears, trapping bears with wire snares and luring bears with food to get a point-blank kill.

R.594 - A bill to amend section 1 of the Act of June 5, 1920, as amended, to authorize the Secretary of Commerce to settle claims for damages of less than $2,500 arising by reason of acts for which the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is responsible. R.2590 - An act to amend the Agricultural Adjustment Act to authorize marketing research and promotion projects, including paid advertizing, for filberts, and to amend the Potato Research and Promotion Act. R.2592 - A bill to transfer from the Director of the Office of Management and Budget to the Administrator of General Services the responsibility for publication of the catalog of Federal domestic assistance programs, and for other purposes.

S.376 - A bill to amend the Debt Collection Act of 1982 to eliminate the requirement that contracts for collection services to recover indebtedness owed the United States be effective only to the extent and in the amount provided in advance appropriation Acts. R.2915 - A bill to authorize appropriations for fiscal years 19 for the Department of State, the United States Information Agency, the Board for International Broadcasting, the Inter-American Foundation, and the Asia Foundation, to establish the National Endowment for S.1944 - A bill to allow the obsolete submarine United States ship "Albacore" to be transferred to the Portsmouth Submarine Memorial Association, Incorporated, before the expiration of the otherwise applicable sixty-day congressional review period. R.3044 - A bill to grant the consent of the Congress to an interstate agreement or compact relating to the restoration of Atlantic Salmon in the Connecticut River Basin, and to allow the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of the Interior to participate as members in a Conne S.1148 - An act to provide for the use and distribution of funds awarded the Assiniboine Tribe of the Fort Belknap Indian Community, Montana, and the Assiniboine Tribe of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana, in docket numbered 10-81L by the United States Court of Claims, a S. Res.159 - A joint resolution providing statutory authorization under the War Powers Resolution for continued United States participation in the multinational peacekeeping force in Lebanon in order to obtain withdrawal of all foreign forces from Lebanon. R.3871 - A bill to amend the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1982 to provide that the figure used in determining hourly rates of pay for Federal employees not be changed before the comparability adjustment in the rates of pay for such employees has been made for fiscal year H. Res.137 - A joint resolution authorizing and requesting the President to issue a proclamation designating the period from October 2, 1983, through October 8, 1983, as "National Schoolbus Safety Week of 1983".

The provision of health services to members of federally-recognized tribes grew out of the special government-to-government relationship between the federal government and Indian tribes.

This relationship, established in 1787, is based on Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, and has been given form and substance by numerous treaties, laws, Supreme Court decisions, and Executive Orders.

S.1850 - A bill to amend title 38, United States Code, to extend for one year the authority of the Veterans' Administration to provide certain contract medical services in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. R.2895 - A bill to designate the Federal Building and United States Courthouse at 450 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, California, as the Phillip Burton Federal Building and United States Courthouse.

S.143 - An act to authorize the Twenty-nine Palms Band of Luiseno Mission Indians and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation to lease for ninety-nine years certain lands held in trust. R.2973 - An act to promote economic revitalization and facilitate expansion of economic opportunities in the Caribbean Basin region, to provide for backup withholding of tax from interest and dividends, and for other purposes. R.2637 - A bill to amend the District of Columbia Self-Government and Governmental Reorganization Act to increase the amount authorized to be appropriated as the annual Federal payment to the District of Columbia.

S.806 - A bill to provide for a plan to reimburse the Okefenoke Rural Electric Membership Corporation for the costs incurred in installing electrical service to the Cumberland Island National Seashore. R.5177 - A bill granting the consent of Congress to an amendment to the Wheeling Creek Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention District Compact entered into by the States of West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

S.1538 - An act to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to revise the procedures for new drug applications, to amend title 35, United States Code, to authorize the extension of the patents for certain regulated products, and for other purposes.

S.1889 - A bill to amend the Act authorizing the establishment of the Congaree Swamp National Monument to provide that at such time as the principal visitor center is established, such center shall be designated as the "Harry R. S.1330 - An act to establish a National Council on Public Works Improvement to prepare three annual reports on the state of the Nation's infrastructure, to amend the provisions of title 31, United States Code, relating to the President's budget to require it to separately identi S.566 - An act to direct the Secretary of Agriculture to release on behalf of the United States a reversionary interest in certain tracts of land conveyed to the South Carolina State Commission of Forestry, and to direct the Secretary of the Interior to convey certain mineral i S.416 - A bill to amend the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act by designating a segment of the Illinois River in Oregon and the Owyhee River in Oregon as components of the National Wild and Scenic River System, and for other purposes. R.5818 - An act to enable the Consumer Product Safety Commission to protect the public by ordering notice and repair, replacement or refund of certain toys or articles intended for use by children if such toys or articles contain a defect which creates a substantial risk of inju H.

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