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it is mainly comprised of US and Canadian listings and the number of constituents also approximates the CSI universe.

The patchwork nature of the site sometimes produces surprising outcomes.

Some pages are a compendium, sourced from different providers, and it is difficult to be certain, in some cases, what is coming from where.

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Forex, commodity futures, market indices, mutual funds, money market funds, ETF, corporate bonds, and metals are also supported. Automatic update of indices and maintenance of your symbol lists.

Stores data in formats (Version 6.52, 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0 (6000 securities per directory)). Download attempts can easily be repeated – Detects symbol changes. Automatically connecting, downloading and disconnecting for analogue modem users. Amiquote puts ‘junk’ (html 404 error) in the data file for missing historical data. Authors comments – Not all download errors are caused by a lack of historical data.

Re the rounding, if the data is adjusted (for splits/rights issues etc.) then you want plenty of decimal places so your testing shows the correct % gain.

In years past, the ASX had a different mechanism for determining the open and closing price of a stock, ending up with a weighted average of the bids/asks to come up with one open/close price (which would often be a fractional amount).

Tomasz Janeczko – Ami Ami Broker Yahoo Group message #116918 “Yahoo Data Very Spotty Last Two Days” ) is a down-loader, with Yahoo capability, that allow users to select the tickers they want to download.

It is distributed by Just Data and is free when bundled with their data subscription packages). b) MLDownloader Download End-of-Day stock quotes on 50 exchanges worldwide.

They changed this method a few years ago to more of a volume-matching method so that it’s a “normal” trading level. Norgate Investor Services– Premium quality Stock, Futures and Foreign Exchange Data for markets in Australia, Asia, Canada, Europe, UK & USA – Broker Yahoo Group message#68314 “Yahoo EOD data not always correct ? I am downloading EOD data from Yahoo to an ASX 200 group on a daily basis and I am also using another source. Differences may be because one source is adjusting for dividends while the other is not.

I have noticed discrepancies in quotes between these sources. Ami Quote/Yahoo is adjusting, by default, for splits anddividends but you can turn adjustment off by editing Formats\aqh.format file (using Notepad) and removing ADJCLOSE field. For example if a stock is missing the LOW price of the day Ami Quote, by default, does not import data with missing LOW-HIGH prices.

A link to the latest message from Jim is available at Ami Broker Yahoo Group message # 119057 – "Ami Broker/Yahoo Database File": Or link directly to the site to obtain the download: to Links server (allow approximately 1/2 – 1 hour download time, using a mid speed broadband connection, per year of history).

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