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id=cz.kinst.jakub.clockqa) This application contains Advertisment. TO REMOVE ADVERTISMENT AND GET MUCH MORE FEATURES, PLEASE UNLOCK AD-FREE PREMIUM VERSION INSIDE APPLICATION The widget can be added to your homescreen by long-tapping on the homescreen or selecting from widget drawer (Android 4 ). Internet permission is needed for downloading weather information.

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Please, help me translating this app to your language.

You can do it by going to Please send me your feedback: [email protected] more Simple digital clock widget for your homescreen.

The power of this widget is in variety of customization options.

In my article last week, I provided examples of a number of Android widgets that help users monitor and toggle their settings (including Wi Fi, battery, brightness, data, gps, etc.).

In the rare cases where caching layers are useful, such as for alpha animations, Return the class name of this object to be used for accessibility purposes.

Subclasses should only override this if they are implementing something that should be seen as a completely new class of view when used by accessibility, unrelated to the class it is deriving from.

Don't forget however to initialize your Text View beforehand (to current system time) since it is likely you will pop your UI in the middle of a minute and the Text View won't be updated until the next minute happens.

Check out the Chronometer and Digital Clock classes, which are extensions of the Text View class.

I ended up implementing my own way that uses a Handler.

What I'm asking though, is there a better (more efficient) way to display a real time updating clock?

That said, a more efficient method would probably be to record start time via Updating the system clock is not like updating a chronometer.

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