Ang dating daan bible debate

Lack of parental moral support and approval drove me and my sister to rebellious acts.

We learned how to get drunk; I became friends with frat members and skipped classes just to be with them.

I then applied as a student assistant so I could pay my way through college.

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At the same time, I was hedging: I closed my ears to his words about false pastors.

I was furious inside of me because of the way he lambasted pastors of other religious denominations, including that of the Baptists where I belonged.

At the back of my mind, I just wanted my parents to notice and reign me in, and perhaps, establish an open communication between us. At one point I tried smoking grass just for the heck of it. When it was time for me to go to college, I changed my frame of mind.

We were poor and my parents couldn’t support my preferred course which was supposed to be in a private (Baptist) university.

I thank GOD for calling me into His fold, for letting me see that despite the heartaches in this life, there is hope in GOD.

My heart is no longer empty; in fact it is overflowing with contentment, love, hope, and forbearance.It was Day 1 of the quarterly International Thanksgiving to God and I was in Apalit with the family then.To his challenge, I never hesitated, not even considered the eight years we’ve been together, and told him goodbye right then and there.Way back in my elementary years I remember reading the New Testament Bible from start to finish, and being comforted by the act, I told myself that even if I didn’t understand some of the verses, God will bring the explanation in His own time.That zeal to read the Bible and follow the practices of my Baptist faith grew lukewarm, then cold, after I experienced a lot of trials starting in high school.It was unexplainable – this indescribable urge that pulled me to go to the locale and seek indoctrination.

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