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After four years of dating life, the couple tied the knot in a small wedding ceremony in 2005.

The couple shares the two teenage kids, Amai Zackary Wayans and Shawn Howell Wayans, with her husband, Marlon Wayans.

She has never revealed how her finances stack up and hence her net worth is something which has not been revealed by her in actual figure.

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People were pumped up after seeing Angelica happily giving an autograph to Carlo. A little while longer, Carlo sang a song on the stage and Angelica is dancing.

Last Wednesday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day, Carlo sent Angelica a bouquet of white roses. One point ka sa akin,” wrote Panganiban as she shared on Instagram a photo of Aquino’s sweet gift.

The parents of two beautiful children were together for 12 long years before calling it quits to their relationship in 2013 as he turned out to be "mess up".

Usually, after the breakup, the relationship turns bitter, and it affects the children.

Marlon took to Instagram on 26 February 2018, with the adorable long birthday message which seems to be more like expressing his feelings and emotions.

He claimed her as his best friend, a strong woman and also feel blessed to have her in his life.Well, as of now, it seems actor Marlon Wayans seemed to have missed the spark of his life.Even after five years of separation, the former couple is still close to each other, and they are still the best friend.However, nothing of such sort happen in their relationship as they maintain a harmonious relationship and co-parents their children.Marlon even portrayed his real life in one of his hit projects, "Marlon" in which his real-life story with his former girlfriend Angelica and his kids was screened into reel life story.Hamilton was in later life whispered to be a “double adulterer”, given the Reynolds affair.

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