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Minor complaints aside, if you’ve been watching the five films comprised of the 2016 Valentine’s Day celebration, Anything for Love is an entertaining way to close it out. Despite the white lies that dictate the better part of the script, the characters have a sense of guilt over how they begin the start of a fresh relationship with promise (this makes the darling ploy to get them back together so much sweeter), which makes disliking them difficult no matter what. After a string of disappointing Valentine's days, she's all but given up on love.

Likewise, the scenes between Paul and Erika allow us to enthusiastically root for them as a couple.

The flaw in the romance is the timeline which could have been more elongated without a need to make the movie longer in order to better depict a healthy and believable “love” declaration.

Casting so many familiar faces made this story a fun one.

Paul Greene has starred in Hallmark films prior to this and not only have the familiar faces of Ali and Antonio been in films on this network, they also appeared together on the WWII drama Bomb Girls.

Like any good romantic comedy, this one is rife with happy accident catnip.

There is a bowling scene (always a popular device), a weekend trip away and of course, mistaken identities that give the characters an excuse to pull away.

As the heir to her father’s company, Katherine (Erika Christensen) has a prominent role in the business world; a role that most men find intimidating.

This is why she’s in a tepid relationship with a man (Antonio Cupo) whose idea of a proposal is that they move in together. She gives Katherine her identity as an executive assistant, and then they watch the requests to meet Katherine pour in.

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