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Address: Unit 5, 4 Warnock St, Grey Lynn, Auckland Phone: Email: [email protected] Website: Range of services for those who have experienced abuse trauma and family violence, including counselling, outreach/support/advocacy and refuge.Address: PO Box 21593, Henderson, Auckland Phone: or Email: [email protected] Website: Kaupapa Maori provider delivering counselling, therapy and support to Maori women, children, and families affected by violence and abuse.The following list of agencies includes Auckland agencies, followed by support services in the rest of Aotearoa New Zealand, in geographical order.

We offer individual (One2One) support, peer support groups (PSG) and weekend workshops.

If you or someone you know has experienced trauma you can call the manager David on 0 or for further information or email him on [email protected]

Cam Ronald, White Ribbon Chair, has welcomed the Prime Minister’s intention to overhaul the family violence prevention system.

“For too long violence has been hidden behind closed doors,” says Mr Ronald.

That violence is ‘our’ problem, and no longer something that can be swept under the carpet and hidden from view.

“The focus on early intervention is to be welcomed, as are the proposed changes which include a new offence of non-fatal strangulation, strengthening Protection Orders, and sharing of information which can assist courts.“The suite of proposed changes is significant, and signals a substantive change to the way in which New Zealand approaches family violence.We believe there is a clear theme of promoting victim safety, which is paramount, and making perpetrators of family violence more accountable. “As an organisation with a goal to eliminate men’s violence towards women, White Ribbon believes that education around ‘respectful relationships’ is a key requirement to ensure violence is avoided.This would ensure that a strong message around the need to treat people with respect at all times, to avoid incidents such as the one which was then under investigation by the NZRFU.These offers were accepted.” “The management at the Chiefs had already accessed the White Ribbon web site and used material from the White Ribbon toolkit developed in 2015 which provides a template for respectful relationships, and they had used some of that material in framing their response and management of the incident.” Cam said that “an offer for further contact with the Players Association, together with the Professional Development managers of all the New Zealand rugby franchises, had been extended for October, and this was being progressed.” White Ribbon emphasises their aim of developing and maintaining appropriate and respectful relationships between men and women in all situations and environments, to avoid incidents such as this.Specialise in domestic violence, rape, incest, and other related violence. Mission Statement: Mid North Family Support, Rape Crisis and Youth Services delivers a range of social services to the community in a nurturing manner which will empower and strengthen whanau/families to gain quality in all aspects of their lives for a broader and more richer future.

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