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His labours on earth to save and to cleanse have gained him a co-inheritance with the Holy Spirit, God's primary Son, so that Jesus now is the second Son of God.

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Despite much speculation, the author remains unknown.

It was written in Rome and involves the Roman church.

Vision V - Similitude VIII and Similitude X were written perhaps by the same author to describe reprentance to Christians who were wavering.

Similitude IX was written to unify the entire work and to threaten those who had been disloyal. On the basis of this internal analysis multiple authorship seems necessary (Giet 1963), though the work could have been composed by one person over a long period of time (Joly 1958).

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Johannes died in The next research stop, then, was Evaton. The following day mme Manku told the people that Satan took her off to hell for three hours, but that she was helped by the archangels Michael and Gabriel.

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