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That’s why we’ve gathered 54 content marketing stats all in one place – so you can start thinking about how this data will inform your plans for 2018.Let’s dive in and explore these stats to get a firm grasp on what’s new within this realm.The same study reports that SEM is widely considered to be effective (54%), which is more than can be said for banner ads (27%) and offline promotion (24%) — it could be time to cut the budget for your antiquated banners and magazines, and go all-in on PPC.

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Takeaway: In the early days of blogging, 500 word posts were enough to get you ranking for a keyword.

Those days are long gone, and now the first page of Google is wildly competitive.

As the graph above shows, there is a HUGE opportunity gap in content marketing.

Takeaway: Social media marketing continues to help content marketers extend the reach and shareability of their content and campaigns, and this will continue next year.

Better educational resources, solid marketing plans, and dedicated content teams are making businesses more effective at content marketing.

As Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs say, the industry is still in its formative years — it’s a vital time to focus your time and money on a proven strategy, and cut back on anything not moving the needle.

There are a lot of content marketing statistics shown below.

You can use the jump links below to quickly navigate to a section of most interest to you.

Takeaway: Online attention spans are shorter than ever–so content needs to be snackable and easy to read.

With an average read time of less than one minute, more content writers are realizing the importance of structuring easily scannable articles and using bolding, bullet points, and italics to make important themes stand out from the page.

We know that there mobile searches outpaced desktop back in 2014, so it makes sense that more and more marketing teams are putting an intense focus on mobile ads.

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