Are kaitlyn weaver and andrew poje dating

And so, with that being said, yesterday we wanted to give “Je suis malade” the proper adieu… You know, I could barely hold on to any moment in my memory because it just… True, you seemed so surprised at the end of the free dance… I was shocked that it went by, and we did it again, you know? Because the low moments were the things that really make us who we are, and make us appreciate yesterday, appreciate those medal-moments – because your true fans are there for you when you’re low…

it’s a medal that far outweighs gold, silver, bronze, anything! So that must have been the high point of your career right there? Because I was going to ask you on the course of this conversation if you have a moment or a particular medal that you’re very fond of… This is just me personally, but I’ve never felt like I wanted to wear this medal for ever! – and I’ve never had that sense of pride about an outcome before until now. Andrew: Yeah, we had great seasons, but they always seemed to finish on a weird note for us. Kaitlyn: Yeah, and I think we can look back to this 12-year career, regardless of what happens next year, and just be so grateful for the support that we’ve felt. And we wouldn’t be the same without it, and we look forward to those messages, to those things…

And that medal means so much to us, given this season, and given the past few years. Andrew: You know, especially these past two seasons it’s been… I mean, you wake up in the morning, and it has a picture, and a quote, and it’s just the motivation that we need to get out of bed and get into the rink again. With „Spartacus”, we sat down with Nikolai and he was like: , and we went straight from the free dance event at Autumn Classic back to the hotel, and watched videos from everything.

And they gathered some, Kaitlyn and Andrew – and one of the most genuine, you’ll see, is the story of their try-out, in July 2006.

Or their first season together, on fast-forward: “We really hit the ground running”.

Here's an icenetwork article on Weaver/Poje, facilitated, we can be sure, by Skate Canada: The platonic passion of Weaver & Poje In the States, eligible figure skating partnerships are allowed to date, marry and have a romance with each other.

In Canada, not so.* Until you have retired, you may not know your partner in the biblical sense.** This article describes in detail how the Weaver and Poje families spend every Xmas Eve and Christmas day together, breakfast together, midnight mass together, and also works in how Weaver and Poje share a house (platonically).*** On this blog one commentator scoffed when I cited Weaver & Poje as at first having insisted they were platonic.

*** So you see, it is totally possible to live together, share everything together including holidays, travel to be with each other, and vacation together, but NOT BE A COUPLE.

Are Kaitlyn and Andrew just taking one for the(ir) team(mates) - Scott and Tessa?

…and not just just because it also hints at their future, based on their feelings at the moment, but because the overall content of it is . And, of course, tell me how your season went, because you also mentioned last night at the press conference that you had some of the lowest lows of your career throughout this season... It’s hard to believe that yesterday happened, the way it did. Because, you know, it’s a scary thing to go out there and just hope that you’re gonna skate perfect.

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