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The farms all suffered losses in crops and property, the fires scorched the barns and claimed the life of Granny Smith.Sweet Apple Acres had been abandoned after the matriarch died and the family suffered losses of funds with no money to repair their farm, it was left in complete disarray.Twilight Sparkle had not been in her library and neither had her pet Dragon.

What they failed to realize is that with the delicacy of weather Rainbow Dash was an absolute master of maintaining and handling it.

She had her work schedules always ready so when she 'attacked' the day it was absolutely the right mood for it.

Ponyville, a town that was destroyed by a storm, the people were desperate and becoming ill from poverty the lack of food and decent water supply made it almost collapse.

The times were rough and ponies fled the once happy and joyous town.

Despair struck the poor town that day and continued to follow it.

Soon Ponies were moving out or trying to make the best of what was left.The fashionista and town drama queen, Rarity, was also a victim of the storm, though she didn't suffer any long term injuries she lost a cat and her business/home all in one sickening blow. She was considered a hero in her time because of her generosity ponies were able to live and trade in gems for food and other goods.Combined with Celestia's personal relief care package to the town it was able to help the town for a while.The storm took out most of the town with fires and wind gusts.It was a nightmare and yet one no one was able to wake up from.It was heartbreaking but that was life around Ponyville around that time.

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