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“I think I am done playing.” My mind went through all the reasons this might be happening: burnout, other interests, team dynamics, I was too hard on her, the gamut. I can’t play when he is around, and he insists on coming to every game, every road trip, you name it.It’s like it’s more important to him than it is to me.” Sadly, Kate’s story is a common one.In every other aspect of life, breaking the rules has serious consequences and punishments.

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It is a tale about well-intentioned parents whom want nothing but the best for their children.

They love their kids; they just don’t always love them in a helpful way.

We don’t simply lose the kids who cannot make varsity; we lose many of the best athletes on our teams.

If you are a parent or a coach, I believe it is critical that we have a good understanding of why kids play, and why they quit.

While many of baseball’s Hall of Fame voters have taken it upon themselves to declare the players directly involved in the sport’s “steroids era” unworthy of the hall, they have voted in plenty of players who have bent the rules in other, seemingly more minor ways.

And while the idea of asterisks in record books has become a very common thought, it seems harsh to put a stigma on players who cheated one way instead of another.It is also crucial that we have open lines of communication with our athletes, so we can spot some of the red flags and right the ship before it’s too late.I believe there are five main reasons kids walk away from sports, and they all boil down to one common denominator: they cause kids to have a poor state of mind when it comes to sports. The job of an athlete is to do what it takes to win. It should be expected that players would blur the lines of fair play and push the limits to win, particularly at the professional level, where even the smallest advantage may make a huge difference. Besides, isn’t it the job of the rules and officials to govern the game?But is there a difference between minor rule bending and flat-out breaking the rules? Should there be a level of integrity to our athletics that tolerates no cheating of any kind?

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