Avoid dating disaster them

You shouldn't completely change yourself to be attractive for the other person, but if you notice that they tend to always wear black jeans and you happen to own a pair, there's nothing wrong with opting for a pair of your black jeans instead of blue.

Dating is meant to be a fun way to get to know another person.

Think about it: Has pretending to care less than you really do ever gotten you more? The least cool thing you can do is to try and 'play it cool.' It's OK for the person you've just gone on a date with to know you like them—being upfront about that is its own kind of sexy confidence.

Besides, the sooner they know you like them, the sooner you'll have an answer to that eternal question of dating, 'Should I stay or should I go? Real vulnerability takes courage, and courage is pretty damn sexy."If you just had an amazing time with someone and don't want it to end, tell the person how much you enjoyed the date and offer up a nightcap or second date.

If you do nothing more than "be yourself," odds are good that you'll end up seeming aloof, awkward, or a bit of a dick. "When your body performs for you, whether through daily tasks, physical fitness, or sexual pleasure, you tend to feel better about its appearance and function."Maybe you're already a confident person—like your close friends might lovingly refer to you as "a little extra." How can you tone it down to an attractive and harmonious balance of being confident without appearing overly arrogant?

Instead, why not choose to be the best version of you? What are some strategies that can actually put the odds in our favor? I've found that offering a bit of self-deprecating humor helps.

Confidence is attractive, so find a way that works for you to shelve your insecurities for the evening, because if you tell a person enough times that you're "not pretty enough" or "not smart enough," they're going to perceive you that way. Jess offers a confidence-boosting tactic that might work better for you: "Recall a time when you felt powerful.

Perhaps it was in a boardroom, in the classroom, or on the dance floor.

You may have some skeletons in the closet or a personality disorder, but your first encounter isn't the appropriate time to talk about your dope-addicted brother or your buckets full of daddy issues.

Too much information can be perceived as high maintenance and off-putting—if you're going to work out, there will be time to create trust and open up on a deeper level without fear of being judged or brushed off, but your first happy hour convo ain't the time or place to get deep.

People can be very snooty about small talk—"Oh, it's so fake, I prefer genuine interaction." Sure.

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