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She enjoyed Raja’s attention a lot and was craving for his touch. She even rubbed her melons and pinched her hips in the bathroom imaging it to be Raja, whom she considered to be a stranger. She recognized her husband Arun was sitting two rows ahead of Raja.

She decided to go closer to Raja under some excuse.

She was married 15 years back and was a virgin before marriage.

Her sexual appetite grew every day after her marriage.

When he saw Reshma from a distance of about 20 meters, he felt stiffness in his pants. After 10 minutes, he found himself staring at her flashy hips and her deep navel which would peep out of her sari once in a while.

He was more nervous because Reshma had seen Raja throwing glances at her body.

Raja felt scared initially seeing Reshma coming towards him.

But that did not stop his 6 inch dick to salute her figure.Reshma had been in this situation before a lot of times.But she never felt the urge that she was feeling now.As she walked towards Raja, her ass cheeks were inviting wild dreams along with them.She breathed heavily and her mounds clearly bounced as she walked.All the men women and children were chattering and having fun among themselves.

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