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The show, which will be divided up into six-parts, is hosted by TV presenter Sara Cox and airs on BBC Two from Wednesday 2nd May.Speaking to the Daily Express, Sara explained that she became attached to the contestants during filming and desperately wants them to find happiness.

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She said: "I am quite soppy and I feel really blessed that I have a lovely husband. You live vicariously through your single friends, as it’s always fun to hear about their adventures in singleton life!

"It appealed to me to help people find love but also the countryside dynamic to this show is so interesting. The thought of helping lovely farming people is really appealing." She also spoke about living on a farm while growing up.

‘So I felt I knew the kind of people we’d be dealing with.

The BBC has bought “600 Bottles of Wine,” a blog-inspired Australian shortform series “featuring friendship, terrible dating decisions and wine.” The British pubcaster will play the series on its youth-skewed online BBC Three channel. The comedy series follows Claire, played by Rouvray in the show, as she re-enters the dating scene after a long-term relationship ends.

Obviously whomever you do find has to realise that farming is a vocation, you’ve got to love it and love the land.

Finding love isn’t easy, especially when you live in a rural town with a tiny population usually made up of your friends and family.

As she tries to navigate her way through dates and relationships, she turns to her friends for help.

Sue Deeks, head of BBC program acquisition, and Damian Kavanagh, channel controller of BBC Three, did the deal for the Australian series. The series is sold by Escapade Media and produced by Cockatoo Colab.

“Grace Rouvray is a fantastic new voice and her fresh, funny series will be every bit as relatable and entertaining to audiences in the U. “The flexible nature of short form content enabled us to repurpose the story in multiple formats to service different audience preferences on different platforms,” said producer Bec Bignell.

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