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As traffic director, Bonnie interfaces with every other individual at the radio station to coordinate ad schedules, programming schedules and advertising content.And incredibly, Bonnie has worked at KSJB & MIX 93.3 for her entire adult life-she’s been here since 1968 and going strong!

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After a 25 year career as a dairy farmer, Paul began work as a part-time announcer on KSJB in 2001.

Later that year, he applied for and was hired for a sales position here at KSJB/MIX 93.3.

Hallberg-Campbell began his journey in the outport towns of Newfoundland, which reminded him of his native Scottish lands.

There, he documented the villages of Grand Bruit and Petites, which now sit empty due to the cod stock collapse and fishery ban.

The following year, he embarked on the first of many journeys to investigate Canada’s coastline, experience its beauty and its harshness, and capture life on the edge, where the land meets the sea.

Through photographs and videos, Coastal (2010 – ongoing) tells stories about those who live alongside Canada’s vast oceans, depicting the customs, hardships, and resilience of these communities.

His sojourns have led him to locations such as Moose Cree First Nation in Ontario, as well as Haida Gwaii and Tofino in British Columbia, where he has focused on Indigenous cultures and the traces of the early European settlements that impacted traditional ways and current lifestyles.

In further explorations, he has ventured to the former site of a rocket range in Churchill, Manitoba, and captured industry and development, as well as methods of travel, fishing, and hunting, in numerous regions.

As a touchstone of sorts, the exhibition also includes a picture of the artist’s great-great-grandfather—a looming man with a white beard, guiding his boat and his crew through a cold, foggy sea.

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