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During a game of “Plead the Fif,” comedian B Daht asked an inappropriate question that the rapper should have known to plead the fifth to.

However, he decided to answer anyway: Bow Wow: “Well, at one time they both was my women correct?

From saying that he makes his girlfriends famous, to kissing and telling about his exes on national TV, Bow Weezy just can’t get it right.

For example, he shared a little too much on recently when asked about the fellatio skills of two of his most famous exes.

In other words, 'keep clear of them.' The quickest way to end gossip is to confront those who are spreading it.

The church is not a 'tell all' television show where we expose people and hang out their dirty linen for all the world to see.

The YMCMB rapper and fashion fiend Angela spent some QT at breakfast at Toast restaurant this week: And left together in his silver Porsche. Angela is a pretty girl..bow wow always looks like he's just a child "PLAYING GROWN UP".

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Let's go." As for love, Bow Wow, we mean Shad Moss updated his fans with a Instagram post a couple of weeks ago that read, "Made too many women famous over the course of my lifetime just by being their boyfriend. Before i put u on IG share my spotlight w you share my red carpet time w you share my d*** w you i gotta know you SERIOUS!

Wherever SHE is......," along with the photo below.

The two lovebirds attended a Key Club party hosted by Amber Rose. Later they sat in a dark corner and she laughed at his corny jokes. Angela later began dating professional skateboarder Terry “TK” Kennedy, and after a rather public break up with him, she began seeing Houston producer Skillz.

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