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She was always a background or supporting, mostly due to different factors.

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She is, by far, the most naive cast member in a house full of nut jobs on the show known for the phrase “What hap pens when people stop being polite and start getting real.” Oddly enough, the ratings keep growing and growing, and this 14th installment is probably the most controversial “Real World” yet. That was pretty wild.” Even more wild was when two of Eubanks’ other roommates, Fiorenza and Robin Hibbard, were arrested on separate occasions. “The show is going to get real emotional,” says Eubanks, who is referred to as “Cam” or “Cammie” by her roommates.

One of the roommates, Frankie Abernathy, is a depressed, self-mutilating “cutter” with cystic fibrosis who wants to leave the show. Part of the allure of the 19-year-old Eubanks – who served pizzas at the Mellow Mushroom in Anderson, S.

“I’ve read for a couple of teeny pilots and people throw crazy stuff at you, it’s so weird,” she says.

“I don’t buy into all that crap.” Will she do another reality TV show, a la Trishelle from “Real World Las Vegas” who went on to do “Surreal Life.” “Oh, no.

Last season we got to see the debut of Britni Thornton on the Challenge Dirty 30; she is back again to compete on Vendettas.

Britni’s most memorable moment on Vendettas was her half-hour confessional rant of why she hated Kailah and thought she was dumb.When photos surfaced during the commencement of Vendettas filming, people were quick to point out Brad already having his arms around Britni in them.Britni dating a veteran who had not been on the show in over seven years is just so fascinating. Based on social media, Britni is ready to jump into the main fold and show she is more than a background character.According to , Pitt recently made a caffeine pickup trip to Los Angeles's Coffee Commissary."He arrived by motorcycle, wearing sunglasses, jeans and a leather jacket,” their sources says.For someone who was never in the middle of any of the main story-lines or plot last season, Britni stirred a lot of drama after the show due to her social media fights with Tori and Kailah.

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