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(It makes a fine bedfellow for our Sex Readiness Checklist, too! Take your time, especially with areas or questions you haven't thought about before or haven't had experience with yet.

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Clear, truthful and open communication is a must with partnered sex.

It's the best way to assure everyone is fully and freely consenting as well as physically and emotionally safe; to help sex and sexual relationships be as satisfying, positive and awesome as they can be.

What ways a partner does or may talk about my body make or could make me feel uncomfortable?

What do I "count" as sexual touching and what do I consider affectionate touching?

They've been used for a long time by sexuality educators, sex therapists, communities, couples and individuals, and they can be seriously useful tools.

So, we've made one specifically for Scarleteen readers including all the issues you ask us about and we've talked about together over the years.

We might also sometimes find ourselves feeling inclined to only say what we think a partner wants to hear, or only responding to what they bring up rather than putting our own stuff on the table and initiating our own questions.

Yes, No and Maybe lists aren't something we invented.

We can't just know or guess what we or others want or need, like or dislike, are or are not okay with: we need to communicate those things and have them communicated to us.

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