C textbox validating event

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Transparent This is a change that has no noticeable effect on the app's developer or user.

The app should not require modification because of this change. NET Framework 4.0 to 4.6.2, review the following topics for application compatibility issues that may affect your app: When re-building an ADO.

Minor This is a change that affects a small number of apps or that requires minor modification of code.

Edge case This is a change that affects apps under very specific scenarios that are not common.

Decompressing a zip file created by an app that targets a previous version of the .

NET Framework on non-Windows operating systems such as the Macintosh fails to preserve the directory structure.

NET database provider, these differences will require the 'override' keyword to be applied to the Precision and Scale properties.

This is only needed when re-building the components; existing binaries will continue to work.

NET Framework but are running under a version of the . NET Framework 4.6.2 can opt in to it by adding the following configuration setting to the Starting with the .

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