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", as if they are really just looking out for this poor, naive guy.The ones who feel the need to get into the argument with guys jerking off for other guys on cam but identify as straight - "You know, you are really gay", as if that is what is of most importance at the moment.

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But luckily only token whores have moderators and I'm more turned on by guys who do stuff on cam because that's their fetish and not by guys who want a tip for a bloody smile. Currently #1 male performer has a 55 year old female moderator who claimed about half an hour ago: "ALL HOMOSEXUAL QUESTIONS WILL GET YOU BANNED".

I never say anything in the chats, because it's just a bunch of losers asking the same questions and trying to direct. I don't know was it partly because of her that the guy seems to have trouble getting tokens.

Chance Cruise, the former fratmen Chase, was tipped 10,000 tokens from one viewer yesterday. This includes some very handsome guys with great bodies.

Most guys stop camming within a month or two because they can't make enough money for it to be worth their while.

" when someone asks if the naked guy jerking off for a room full of guys is gay.

The ones who feel the need to point out to the naked guy jerking off for tokens a room full of guy names (and has been for months) - "you know, half the girls on here are really guys - so be careful!

In other words, do something you wouldn't normally so I can get off. "Personally, I think it's just an attempt to get the naked guy jerking off to communicate with them one on one by saying, "no I don't mind". Oh, and how about the ones who - in the middle of the naked guys show - ask if he'll go private with them. When I scroll up I want to see what was said that got them kicked out. You're showing your cock and spreading your asshole and yet your can't take a comment?!?

I never write on the guys' walls either and I hate it when they, even if they're uber hot, PM me. I immediately leave the room, log off and return as anonymous user. I love how the moderators are trying to outdo one another with those annoying glitzy GIF animations they keep posting - those GIFs contain everything from movie scenes, pleads for tokens, to insults for people without any tokens on their account.

The ones who insist on asking questions - "have you ever kissed a guy", "have you ever jerked off with a friend", "have you ever …", while the guy is clearly trying to cum, like he needs to stop RIGHT THEN and answer your question.

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