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According to many reports, schools only began teaching the new curriculum during the last 2 weeks in June, after report cards were finished and when there was nothing left to grade.

Effectively, 2016/2017 is the first school year in which it was implemented.

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In 2010, parents and religious leaders came out angrily against Liberal plans to teach early grades about age-inappropriate topics like masturbation, anal intercourse, oral sex, vaginal lubrication, and the idea that being male or female is merely a “social construct”.

At the time, CLC warned that the curriculum was only “temporarily” shelved and would return.

Kathleen Wynne proved us right by putting this at the top of her agenda at a time when it cannot hurt her at the voting booth.

She announced the reintroduction in October 2014, but refused to let the public see the document for months.

A section on HIV and AIDS seems to have an undertone of making it acceptable and normal for individuals who are HIV positive to continue having sex with others. The 2015 version has added a new, controversial and very flawed theory that will be taught to elementary school children, called "gender expression".

The new curriculum document also has a much stronger undertone of sex as a purely recreational activity whose purpose is pleasure, apart from love or marriage.

Read this in another language: Arabic | English | French | Simplified Chinese 简体中文 | Traditional Chinese 繁體中文 | Italian | Polish | Portuguese | Russian | Spanish After winning a Liberal majority, Premier Kathleen Wynne reintroduced a very similar radical Sex Ed Curriculum from the one she developed as Education Minister, and which outraged parents back in 2010.

In spite of multiple protests, student strikes, and petitions, the Ontario government disregarded the concerns of parents and began to implement the controversial curriculum in the summer of 2016.

The sex scenes are central to the story, yet they are not lewd or superfluous, and give a bit of a bite to the show.

“Ultimately, where [Dale and Marnie] start, is in a very conventional and stereotypical relationship,” explained Dicecco about the characters of his story.

Last Thursday, in the intimate Black Theatre Workshop Studio, storyteller and writer Nico Dicecco delighted with his short-story style comedic show.

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