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Jacob tried to wake up his classmate Lucas Sims after he became "unresponsive" during story time at Loesche Elementary.When the second graders in Room 202 at Loesche Elementary saw that their teacher couldn’t get Lucas to wake up, some rushed over to help.

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Shortly before 2 p.m., Loesche principal Sherin Philip Kurian left phone messages with parents of children in Room 202.

Students and staff had been “evacuated to ensure their safety due to an unusual odor that was present in the building,” Kurian said.

Eyes closed, head down, arms draped across his desk, Lucas Sims didn’t move to the blue rug when his second-grade classmates gathered in a circle for story time. Loesche Elementary School after a worker placed a gas-powered generator on the roof too close to an air intake vent.

Afterward, his teacher, who thought he had drifted off to sleep, gently tried to rouse him. A school nurse rushed to Room 202 and waved smelling salts under Lucas’ nose, six times in all. Before long, fire and emergency crews, sirens wailing, converged on William H.

“We were trying to push him, push him on the shoulders to wake him up,” Feruzbek Karshiev, 8, said. I was scared.” “I was kind of nervous,” Jacob Shivers, 8, said. “Something bad happened.” Colleen Sims was at work when she got an urgent call from the Loesche school nurse about her 7-year-old son, Lucas.

“I didn’t know why he wasn’t waking up.” The teacher summoned the school nurse and sent Jacob, Feruzbek, and their classmates to the cafeteria for lunch. “She said he was ‘unresponsive,’ ” Sims, a registered nurse herself, recalled.On his way to his truck, he saw a fire engine with sirens blaring roar toward the school. He watched paramedics put his son in the back of an ambulance, clip a pulse oximeter on one of his fingers, and head to Abington Memorial Hospital’s emergency room.By the time Sims arrived, Lucas and another boy were in the nurse’s office. The paramedic told Sims his son had carbon monoxide poisoning.In all, 26 students and four staffers were sent to area hospitals, most for observation.Shivers hurried to Aria Health-Jefferson Torresdale Hospital, worried the entire way.It warns that the practice can expose children to toxic fumes and construction dust.

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