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The first decade of this century brought many changes.Federation occurred in 1901 and Australia became a nation.The voting age was reduced to 18 years old and university fees were abolished.

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The Bicentenary caused controversy as people remembered 200 years of European settlement or 200 years of white oppression.

The Australian economy was placed in a world context when the Australian dollar was floated and the banking system deregulated.

Issues of all kinds came to the fore -- a referendum was held over whether to dam the Franklin River, peace rallies were well attended during the early part of the decade, land rights became part of the political agenda and the first national council on AIDS was held in 1984.

A Royal Commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody was set up and Australia signed the Ozone Layer Treaty.

In 1973, Australia had a new icon -- the Sydney Opera House.

This landmark was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II who was now known as the Queen of Australia.Unrealistic amounts of money were borrowed, house prices rose considerably and share prices on the Australian stockmarket crashed.By the end of the decade a large number of corporations had collapsed.Compulsory school attendance was introduced but not for Aboriginal children who were encouraged to assimilate into the white culture but were not given rights.The Archibald Prize was awarded for the first time; the 'Road to Gundagai' hit the top ten (or would have if there had been one!The flag we have today was chosen, all men and women could vote except for Aboriginal people.

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