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The Short Version: Cat fanciers unite via The International Cat Association (TICA) to promote and celebrate all that is feline. High on my priority list, for example, is the question: “Are you a cat person or a dog person?Over 6,000 members browse the site’s calendar for opportunities to mingle at local cat shows, conferences, and agility tournaments. ” If you answer wrong on that one, you might end up in the doghouse.When singles assess the date-ability of a new acquaintance, it can feel like going through a checklist. In a show ring in California, she met a fellow exhibitor and developed a friendly relationship with him, staying in touch even though they lived thousands of miles apart.

Volunteers, exhibitors, and event attendees can come together to enjoy a cat-centric atmosphere.

These caring cat fanciers love discussing, applauding, and helping cats, and TICA leads the way with a full calendar of engaging events. “Cats are my reason to get up in the morning,” Roeann told us. It’s really not a job — it’s a passion.” The staff sends out a monthly newsletter to keep members abreast of upcoming events, new health developments, and all TICA does on behalf of cats everywhere.

Their cat-centric hobby bonded them as a couple, and, after competing against each other for years, he uprooted his life (and his cats) to live in domestic bliss with Liz in Chicago.

Since the organization’s founding in 1979, The International Cat Association, or TICA for short, has served as a rallying point where cat fanciers (and their pets) come together.

These friendly gatherings give cat owners a place to network, bond, and build lasting relationships.

Giving you both plenty to talk about, TICA makes connecting with cat lovers in your area that much easier — with your cat as your wingman!

If you’re a single cat lover, you can attend TICA’s shows to find dating prospects who already have something in common with you: a love of cats. For cat people, finding someone with the same enthusiasm for cats can be like trying to trap a laser — just when you think you’ve nabbed a keeper, they turn out to have a cat allergy and slip away.

The organization licenses hundreds of events hosted by clubs in more than 104 countries, so, as their motto says, “wherever you are, you’re in TICA’s world.” To meet new people who share a common passion, household cat owners can become respected cat exhibitors at TICA cat shows around the world. To widen her cat-friendly social network, cat owner Liz Hansen started showing her Maine Coons at cat shows across the country.

TICA licenses competitive cat shows in 14 regions in the U. and 104 countries around the world for pedigreed and household pets.

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