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I am walking around and I am in this pretense and I am putting on my accent and I am just being very, very actory in the worst possible way.” And I don’t think Robert Wagner opened his mouth.

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3, 2017 after completing an alternative teacher education program at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Contact information for Bordlee was not immediately available.

A first-grade teacher at Evangeline Elementary will be disciplined after giving a student “awards” for class clown and most talkative.

Family members said Hayden Albert, 7, received the certificates in front of his classmates and their parents during a Monday ceremony at the school.

Lindsay: [Laughs] Craig: …and then you picked Mendacity to record it, no? But I have to tell you, that is my favorite word of all time, and there is a play in the works where that is, in some form or fashion, going to be my title. And I love the whole mendacity section in this play, and the play that I am talking about, which is Broadway right now with Scarlett Johansson in the role of Maggie the Cat, is Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. And my memory of it, I don’t have a lot of memories because we didn’t really enjoy the production, but my memory is that—and I had never seen it before.

Craig: I thought you picked it because we recorded the podcast with a program called Audacity…

[Laughs] Speaking of choices, in the Jessica Lange/Tommy Lee Jones, again, a very cheap TV version, and made me laugh and it shouldn’t have, but Jessica Lange was very…whoever decided that she was going to be very literal in her interpretation of Maggie as the cat…on more than one occasion basically got her claws out, and she scratches the furniture and she’s [] at the screen window and she wags her hands down the window pane, and I’m like, you know, the first time she did it I just kind of went, “Oh, that’s a little neat choice.” And then, four times later I’m like, “I don’t need to be…

Craig: Well, and her and Tommy Lee Jones were acting in two completely different places.

Today, it’s the first You Tube Fireside Chat of 2013, woop, woop! Okay, so last week in the Theatrefolk news, I talked about going to the Arkansas Thespian Festival, only I didn’t call it the Arkansas Thespian Festival.

The first is a lovely sendup of Lord of the Flies by playwright Clint Snyder, who is a new-to-Theatrefolk playwright—love that—and it’s called Lord of the Pies. Craig: Yeah, that’s the fun of it, I think, because there’s so much to do and so much going on that it’s just fun to go and just pick something on a whim and go.

In addition, the teacher, Jessica Bordlee, gave Albert a plastic red nose to wear in front of the class.

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