Abundant game roamed the forests, and berries were a valuable food supplement. The rocks in the Miramichi are similar to those of Scotland, being a part of the same formation before continental drift separated them. The Atlantic salmon, the herring gull and the common tern were found in both areas.


Aitken grew up in Newcastle and would later become Lord Beaverbrook.

He was appointed the Minister for Aircraft Production in Winston Churchill's World War II cabinet.

The first newspaper published in the North Shore of New Brunswick was the Mercury, founded in Chatham in 1825. Chatham attracted the Maritime lawyer Richard Bedford Bennett, later to be prime minister of Canada.

In 1896 when Chatham held its first elections for Town Council, the young Bennett was elected by one vote.

He was then employed with the law firm established by Lemuel Tweedie, a former Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick.

Bennett's campaign manager was a 17-year-old "articling" student by the name of Max Aitken.The Anglican Church and Rectory were beautiful wood structures, but burned down in 1960.The town was a service and shopping centre for the surrounding area, especially the areas farther down the bay.By 1851, Chatham had 505 employed persons among the following occupations: 170 labourers, 74 servants, 60 shipwrights, 25 joiners, 20 cordwainers, 19 farmers, 16 clerks, 13 blacksmiths, 12 merchants, 10 tailors, 9 storekeepers, 7 sawyers, 7 teachers, 5 blockmakers, 4 sailmakers, 4 riggers, 4 stage drivers, 4 butchers, 4 printers, 3 clergymen, 1 sparmaker, 1 gunsmith, 1 surgeon and 1 constable.A police force was started in 1858, telephones came to the town in 1880, and street lighting was installed in 1888.Chatham in its prime (1880–1919) had extensive wharves, a pulp mill, three large sawmills, a fish-packing plant, a large foundry/shipbuilding facility with a repair yard for small vessels, an armoury, several sizeable hotels; a Catholic hospital (Hotel Dieu) and associated nursing home as well as a Nursing School, all run by the Religious Hospitallers of St.

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