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This statement was embraced by some groups, more specifically the ones more on the ideological left side.Yannick Jadot and Ska Keller, the two big “trade” guns of the Green party, are both supportive of the exclusion of ISDS and the search for an alternative, public settlement system in the future, preferably grounded on a multilateral basis.

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With regards to ISDS, Lange is not likely to change his position, even after Commissioner Malmström came into INTA (on 18 March) explaining her preliminary reforms to the system (including, amongst others, an appeal system and enshrining the right to regulate unequivocally in the agreement).

These reforms pleased a lot of members, but failed to impress Lange, who stated that “”, basically downplaying Malmström’s speech as completely unsatisfactory.

Lange is vying for a positive list, while this was criticized by several members of the EPP group, stating that such a solution is simply not “future-proof” in a rapidly changing world as we live in today.

The fact that chief negotiator for the European Commission, Ignacio Bercero Garcia, concluded that TTIP would strive towards a “hybrid” approach (like it does in Ti SA) may therefore not be unsurprising.

No more than 14 other committees have decided to table their opinions to the resolution, which is (in Lange’s own words) “ opinions, and the deadline for tabling amendments in INTA itself has, as of 26 March, passed.

This means that by now we have a broad look about the different groups’ views on what should and shouldn’t be included, and in what way they’d like to see the negotiations evolving.

In this way we see a clear rejectionist-reformist divide coming up between two ideological sides, with the social democrats in the middle.

And indeed, the support for ISDS (and the success of TTIP more generally) will largely depend on the position of S&D.

Recently, the issue of data flows also (re)surfaced.

Data flows are (or will be even more) at the heart of international commerce, so provisions for the flow of data across borders will undoubtedly be addressed in EU-US negotiations.

Jan-Philipp Albrecht, the German Green rapporteur for the civil liberties, justice and home affairs (LIBE) committee, puts in a fierce defense of EU data protection legislation, calling for a “comprehensive and unambiguous horizontal clause that fully exempts EU rules on the protection of personal data from the agreement (…), without any condition that it must be consistent with other parts of the TTIP”, which could be read as: as long as we don’t have a new rulebook on data protection ourselves, we can’t negotiate anything with a third country.

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