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But I’ve done a lot of traveling, and I must say that the relations between the sexes in Denmark are the strangest I’ve ever seen.The women do everything: they initiate, they seduce, they even get on top, and the men seem to expect it.These reporting cycles are important because they support local and National Council data collection for the Journey to Excellence program as well as statistical analysis.

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See topic, “The Next Generation in Electronic Advancement Reporting.” As stated in “Reporting Advancement,”, all advancement must be reported to local councils.* This is important in keeping member records up to date, and it assures an accurate count in the Journey to Excellence performance recognition program.

“Unit Advancement Responsibilities,”, suggests the unit advancement coordinator should use the BSA’s internet portal to accomplish the reporting.

I have struggled home with large packages while male neighbors just cheerfully wave hello. Was he waiting for me to get up from the table where I was sitting, walk across the room (carrying my unfinished coffee), and introduce myself? I have heard that they are wonderful, that they are warm, funny, thoughtful, and sexy.

Wearing high heels and a skirt, I have wrestled my bike out from a pile of collapsed junkers while hefty workmen smoked cigarettes against the bike rack. Sadly, I’ll never know, because after the 15 minutes it took me to figure out what was required of me, Mr. I hear that they are the prototype for men of the 21st century.

Because of documentation requirements, the Eagle Scout rank, and nominated recognitions such as meritorious action awards, are not entered electronically.

Internet Advancement is accessed through the local council’s website or from my.

For a girl used to American macho, this was about as expected like John Wayne asking for second coat of nail polish.

This is not to say that American men are perfect: they wear baseball caps everywhere but the shower, and their idea of child care often involves letting the child sit beside them while they watch basketball on TV.

We arranged to meet in a small cafe downtown, and since I was there a bit early, I got a cup of coffee and sat alone at a table near the door. He’ll order himself a cup of coffee, and then come sit down. He sat down at the bar, and took to looking out the doorway.

Apart from the waiter and a group of elderly Swedes, I was the only one in the place.

When I first came to Denmark, people kept asking me what I thought about Danish men. Why didn’t they ask what I thought about Danish weather (bad) or Danish food (bad), or, for that matter, Danish women and children? I soon learned their interest in Danish men was a variation on the famous German saying: Man spricht uber das, was man nicht hat.

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