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The company claims to achieve this by introducing psychology into the field of matchmaking. Founder Wang Lifan noticed the difficulty her single friends had finding partners and decided to start an online matchmaking service.

Unlike Jiayuan’s founder, who spent 20 days designing the platform’s first homepage, Wang had graduated from Tsinghua University’s computer studies department..

Baihe collects user data that panders to the more traditional aspects of courtship in China.

Today’s youth feel the same societal pressures that weighed on their parents.

They are expected to get married and have children just like their parents.

This compares to the Additionally, the rate of separation has soared while the marriage rate has dwindled.

The crude divorce rate, indicated by the number of splits for every 1000 people, has increased from 1.5 to 3 in the past ten years, according to government data.“You can see marriage is deinstitutionalized as an increasing number of people choose not to get married or have children.

“Real places would be better, but apps are more convenient. The increase in active users has quickly filled bank accounts.

In 2013, the total revenue for the sector was RMB 1.93 billion.

made use of online dating services in 2016, a number that is expected to increase by 24 million, or 45%, by 2022.

Online dating companies have even more optimistic usage statistics, with each firm asserting they have 100 million or more users.

Lining the walkways of Shanghai’s People’s Square, they post their offspring’s details on open umbrellas —height, weight, education, and occupation— hoping to attract the parents of other singles.

Once a potential match has been found, the marriage negotiations begin.

FYI: Chinese culture facilitates intimacy — people act generous as a reflex, show their care through actions instead of words, choose sincerity over small talk, and give their total attention to the people privileged enough to call them friends. And the best part is, they do it without making a big deal out of it.

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