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A New York Times article (based on a National Geographic Channel show on the birth), What Jesus' Birth May Have Looked Like , cites John Mosley, from the Griffith Observatory, who believes it was a rare conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on June 17, 2 B. The earliest interpretation of the star of Bethlehem comes from the third century Origen who thought it was a comet. Humphreys says this problem can be answered by assuming the census was not for taxation but for pledging allegiance to the Caesar, which Josephus (Ant. In addition, it is possible to translate the passage of Luke to say it happened From all these figures, Humphreys deduces that Jesus was born between March 9 and May 4, 5 B. This period has the added virtue of including the year's Passover, a most propitious time for the birth of a Messiah.Some who oppose the idea that it was a comet say comets were associated with calamities. The Chinese say the comet appeared between March 9 and April 6 and lasted over 70 days. He says the best known censuses of Augustus occurred in 28 and 8 B. I think God was waiting for me to say that." Two other satisfied customers are James and Tonya Wieck, both 38, both divorcees.

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Christian dating shining single star

This is why Christmas displays at planetariums show the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 7 B. Humphreys says this is a powerful astronomical sign, but it doesn't satisfy the Gospel description of the Star of Bethlehem as a single star or as one standing over the city, as described by contemporary historians. Josephus and Luke 2:2 refer to another census, at which the Jews of the area would have been taxed.

Humphreys says expressions like "'hung over' appear to be uniquely applied in ancient literature to describe a comet." If other evidence emerges showing conjunctions of planets were so described by the ancients, this argument would fail. This census was under Quirinius, governor of Syria, but it was later than the probable birth date of Jesus.

"We got to know each other the best way--by words," Wieck said by telephone from California.

But physical attraction was a decisive factor when they finally met.

Humphreys counters that calamity in war for one side means victory for the other. Humphreys deals with most of the problems associated with the 5 B.

Besides, comets were also viewed as portents of change. Herod the Great is generally assumed to have died in the spring of 4 B. In addition, the Chinese do not describe the comet of 4 B.

2:1-1) By the 4th century, historians and theologians were celebrating a winter Christmas, but it wasn't until 525 that the year of Jesus' birth was fixed.

That was when Dionysius Exiguus determined Jesus was born 8 days before a New Year's day in the year 1 A. The Gospels provide us with clues that Dionysius Exiguus was wrong.

In addition, those of us who do so celebrate the birth of Jesus near the Winter Solstice, on Christmas or the Epiphany (January 6). The date of Jesus' birth is not explicitly stated in the Gospels.

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