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If this gets to you Joe, I promise to spread the word about your wonderful exploits where-ever I go.If you like what you hear, then buy the album or make a space T-shirt of Joe swimming under a Globb Waterfall with Buddy Holly.

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I'm reluctant to make the whole album available given the trauma Joe Meek went through due to his financial failure. It's just that I'm genuinely scared of the prospect of being haunted by Joe Meek.

Somehow, I don't think his ghost would be a very reasonable one.

Gravity has done a strange thing and has formed a type of overflowing well.

The water rises to form a huge globule on the top of the plateau and when it's reached its maximum size, it falls with a terrific splash to the ground below, and flows away into the cracks of the moon.See the video for "Hold That Thought": Chuck Wicks will have a new album soon enough, and he's released the first single: "Hold That Thought." The video is a sweet, romantic ballad that, upon closer listen, is essentially a musical tribute to phone sex. Wicks announced that he would be releasing this new album in November of 2009, which is coincidentally the same time he announced his breakup with Dancing With The Stars dancer...Read Full Story Chuck Wicks (born June 20, 1979) is a country music singer who got his start on the reality show Nashville.An eerie and bafflingly snapshot of the scope of his intentions is offered in his extremely forthright and helpful album liner notes.Here is his description of the idea behind the song Globb Waterfall:"This song may contradict the belief that there is no water on the moon; I still hope there is, if it's not external then it's inside the crust.In 1960, at the time of the recording of this album, Joe Meek was most famous for his Outer Space inspired pop tunes.

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