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“All the critics liked it and then at the end of the second season they went, the ratings aren’t that good. I think it deserved a couple more seasons.” “The Jim Jefferies Show” airs Tuesdays at on Comedy Central.

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“This is the one that went viral, even though it was recorded a year ago,” Jefferies said of a recent Brad Pitt segment.

The show had leftover footage of Brad doing a Le Bron James joke, which felt timely because of the NBA playoffs.

And we got into a bit of an argument after Sandy Hook and that whole routine just wrote itself after 30 minutes,” he said.

“I’m still very proud of that comedy routine,” Jefferies added.

She is in particular a fan of Dead Fast and regularly cosplays as her OC, Ms.

Dead Fast, who is also the basis of her online video game user name: MHMiss Dead Fast.

The comedian is impressed with the streaming service’s always-expanding library of stand-up shows.

“They’re making money off standup comedy, and it’s a very symbiotic relationship,” he said.

’ I should be lying and saying he came back in,” Jefferies said.

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