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June 7, 2016Bug fixes for CPS V4.00.32 Inadvertent problems were created in CPS 4.00.30 with regard to the Contact list and sorting features.

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June 14, 2016Product Enhancements for CPS V4.00.33 This version is enhanced for use with the visually impaired.

This is the beta version of this enhancement and we would appreciate any feedback so we can improve it. The Tab and Shift Tab is fully functional in this version.

The attachment below explains how the new features work.

Instruction Document This is an experimental version only and there is known bugs in this release.

If she has a husband, he will be the one to oversee the business or property.

The only task of the women is to manage the finances to be reserved for any family crisis.

If you use this version you must record voice files.

Please use the previous version if you want a release that has no known major issues.

The full manual for these features will not be availabe for about two weeks.

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