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First, however, it is necessary to come to a common understanding of the notion of cybersex.In a 2005-interent surveyconducted by Daneback, Cooper and Mansson (2005) almost a third of participants from both sexes reported to engage in cybersex.

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Baudrillards describes them as “a genetic code, which controls the mutation of the real into the hyperreal” (1983a:55) – media produce ‘virtuality’.

The "virtual coincides with the notion of hyperreality" (Baudrillard, 20), it “is what takes the place of the real" (ibid.:42).

This paper therefore tries to apply his theory towards the notion of cybersex.

Two questions seem of highest importance: Is cybersex ‘real’? The first question can be framed with Baudrillard’s notion of ‘hyperreality’ and ‘virtual’, whereas the ‘obscene’ is most fruitful in describing the content of cybersex.

However, this meeting takes place in the „virtual reality“ (Laurel, 1993) of the internet.

Secondly, cybersex can be characterised as simultaneously ‘bodyless’ and attached to the body.

Various forms can be differentiated, but this paper will concentrate on two distinct variants (see Waskul, 2004): firstly, text-based cybersex as a purely semiotic interaction supporting masturbation and secondly video-based cybersex as a displayed ‘body-game’ with the same aim of satisfaction.

The second one is about content: how can one describe what it is that takes place ‘there’?

“It is reality itself today that is hyperrealist” (Baudrillard, 1983a:147).

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