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We cycle from the hotel and pass through hamlets and forest until we reach the village of Razloge.

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We cross over the Čabranka River, a tributary of the Kupa, which brings us into Slovenia.

Continuing along the Slovenian bank of the Kupa River to Brod, we re-cross the river into Croatia.

Time allowing, we'll hike to Zeleni Vir waterfall, the highest in the region, and onwards to the impressive Vrazji Prolaz Canyon (the Devil's Passage) before returning to our hotel for dinner. Van transfers: 2.5 hours; Cycling: 30.5 miles; Terrain: flat to rolling terrain with one longer descent.

The Northern Velebit National Park's mountain chain rises 2,600' above sea level.

The lakes are surrounded by beech and pine forests and are home to extensive wildlife.

Our route takes us out of Korana Village, towards the village of Poljanak and the stream Plitvice.

The Kupa River forms a natural border between Croatia and Slovenia.

It springs from a karstic well at the park's lowest point, forming a turquoise pond over 650 feet long and nearly 100 feet wide.

Brimming with vibrant culture and scenic vistas, Croatia is a beautiful country to see from the seat of a bike.

With 1,300 miles of coastline and 1,000 islands to explore, cycling through the area’s lush vegetation, olive groves and vineyards is a truly unforgettable experience.

The road becomes hillier en route to Plitvice Lakes.

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