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She said that Mrs Kwok had a misunderstanding with the crew and that the incident had now been resolved.The company spokeswoman would not confirm whether police were involved.

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The stewardess is worried that she may be punished by Cathay Pacific for offending this wealthy customer.

in which the recent city government's actions with respect to the tour industry were described in detail.

The outside world is left clueless and probably thinks that the local tour guides were petitioning against a news report.

Yet everyone familiar with the local tour market knows that the local tour guides were petitioning for survival in the aftermath of the media exposure over the bad practices in the industry ...

It is reasonable to speculate that this public apology was intended to mollify the affected local tour guides and calm things down.

The perplexing thing is that the neither the official information nor the public apology itself carried a single word about the exact reason for apologizing.

Although Helen Kwok had already disembarked, she was still in the restricted area and she was intercepted and taken to the airport police station for interrogation.

Neither the stewardess nor the pilot knew the identity of this female passenger who refused to separate from her handbag.

They cannot obtain a share from the tour group fees.

Instead, they are forced to pre-pay the tour agencies in order to be assigned to lead groups.

Therefore, their sole sources of income come from bringing tourists to high-priced shopping outlets or scenic spots that charge additional fees.

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