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She shares her victories, struggles, and mistakes without apology in the hopes that her journey will inspire others to live to their full love potential.”“The judgment-free zone located within the pages of 121 First Dates playfully guides women through the dating process while granting them the freedom and permission to find what they truly need in a relationship.”“Intrepid dater Newman—now in a long-term relationship—reveals the bumpy road she traveled to her own happy-ever-after…VERDICT This frank advice will help those still struggling to find love believe in its ultimate possibility.”“While there are plenty of online dating tips in this new release, what makes it especially fun to read are the crazy-but-true dating tales that sex and relationship expert Wendy Newman divulges along the way.Wendy’s forthcoming book will have you questioning everything you know about conventional relationships, sex and what it is you truly desire in your love life.The first and most basic tenet of co-parenting covered in the book is the one nearest and dearest to my heart: Put your kids first. Look at everything through their eyes and weigh every decision with how this will affect them both short and long-term.

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I have a lot of take-aways from this book, but one chapter heading really hit me right between the eyes: Amen.

It's so easy to get bogged down in all the stuff they do or don't do at his house, or the way he said what he said or did what he did or how all this is going to wreck whatever plan you thought you had for your life and the life of your kids.

Erma Bombeck once said that she used to look at parenting as a true or false test, and then one day she realized it was really an essay - an endless essay.

Co-parenting is just an extension of that, and you have to realize that your co-author is writing on the same theme, even if they're using a different color ink than you or their handwriting isn't as neat as you'd like it to be.

Peter and I have been co-parenting for a while through our separation, and I wish I had gotten this book sooner.

There's a lot here that's just plain common sense (what's that old saying - "Common sense is an uncommon thing") but I also found some pointers and information that really hit home with me.

She shines the light on creative ways couples are finding their joy (28 short stories).

You can count on Wendy’s frank, practical wisdom that comes from her commitment to people having what they need for a workable and happy life.

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