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Our contention, such as it is, with witchcraft is one of truth. Witchcraft Is a Worldview A is the sum total of one’s view of the nature of reality.

Everyone has a worldview even if only a few reflect on their own.

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Naturalism maintains that all of reality is interrelated and operates according to “laws.” Other expressions of naturalism would include , which sees all of reality as being made up of matter that operates according to material laws.

Witchcraft, though an expression of naturalism, is not materialism.

They rightly claim that the United States was founded on the ethical concept of natural law (where morality is grounded in the nature of the creator God), but they wrongly conclude that witches do not have constitutional rights, since witches reject the traditional Christian notion of the creator God.

Without getting into the tricky issue of how and whether religion should interact with government or public life, we should recognize that, within the limits of law, all Americans have the right to exercise their own religion in accordance with the dictates of their conscience.

Perhaps many people, Christians included, would be surprised to discover that what goes by the name of witchcraft is often quite a bit more sophisticated and thoughtful than they expected.

A Christian analysis must resoundingly condemn witchcraft, but that analysis must be based on a fair assessment of the phenomenon as a whole. Some may wonder why there is any need to take a look at witchcraft.

Witches recognize that reality extends beyond the realm of the material. A worldview can be naturalistic even if it accepts the reality of an immaterial realm; indeed, even acknowledging the existence of gods and goddesses does not preclude a worldview from being naturalistic.

What stands in stark contrast to naturalism is a worldview that says that the natural realm (whether material, immaterial, or both) is the creation of a transcendent God.

Others are reminded about witchcraft only one time a year.

For them it brings images of children dressed in their pointed hats enjoying candy; of cutouts of witches surrounded by broomsticks, pumpkins, and dry leaves.

What Witchcraft Is Definitions can either facilitate or impede understanding.

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