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I had decided I wanted to buy a dildo, just to see what it felt like.

I stuffed most of my shoulder-blade-length blond hair under a cap and drove through the rain to the bookstore, where I was surprised to see that there was only one car in the large parking lot. Perched on a high stool behind the elevated counter reading a magazine was a burly old man, maybe 60 years old with a paunchy stomach, a black and gray moustache and what looked like about a five-day growth of beard. I didn't say anything for a few moments, and he finally looked down at me. "You know," I said while I eased out of my raincoat and looked up at him with my most-innocent, blue-eyed expression, "I've never been in a bookstore like this after it closed." I removed my cap, shook my head, and my thick, straight blond hair cascaded around my bare arms. "There's something I really want to buy -- a dildo? I had my back to him, but I could hear his key turn the deadbolt lock and turned my head to see him flick off all but two dim lights in the store, giving the place an eerie effect. Really not knowing what I might be getting myself into, but I figured that even if he tried anything, I could probably discourage him enough so I could just buy my dildo and leave. He was breathing hard, probably because of his age and girth. "My hands can go completely around your waist and my fingers can touch each other." It was true. First so hard that it took my breath away, then his lips lingered on mine, barely touching them.

He hesitated a second, then resignedly said, "We're closing. -- and I thought maybe you could show me around and help me find it and maybe some other stuff." Oh my goodness, I was flirting! I felt his belly up against the back of my bare midriff, and his huge, rough hands go to my sensitive shoulders. " he asked in an almost-professorial way that temporarily eased my nervousness. "I guess I get turned on when I see the men kiss each other." "Come with me, then," he ordered, taking my hand and leading me to the video arcade. His breath more labored, and he pressed my body against the wall with his. I struggled, but even at his age, he was much too strong for me. Involuntarily, I writhed my trembling body into his thick torso while his hands despoiled my virgin flesh. His giant hands had no trouble going around my tiny waist. I leaned back with my arms raised at either side of my head, partly because his belly was pressing at me, but mostly because it felt feminine to be so helpless. I could feel his rough beard and then his wet tongue and teeth, and my body tingled. The one doing the sucking seemed to really be enjoying himself. Then I caught sight of my man in the mirror as he put a plastic bag on the table. He grabbed my soft, bare shoulders from behind -- how did he know how much that turned me on? Each time, I squealed, but he was like a man possessed.

I thought about crossing my arms around this man's neck, giving his hands free rein over my body while he kissed me.

I thought about this anonymous man a lot, about what he would want to do to me after he asserted his will and I surrendered mine.

I got frightened and left, but not before I noticed that they sold dildos and other paraphernalia in the store.. I really was feeling the sense of accomplishment women must feel when their man has an erection.

Now, in my dorm room, I thought perhaps I looked too good. I was going to change into something a bit less-revealing, but I said the heck with it and just put my raincoat on over my shorts and T-shirt. "We're closing," he said condescendingly, barely looking up from his magazine. I think on my first night away from home, while I had my room all to myself before my college roomate arrived, I really wanted to play with a dildo, and I since I was new in town, I didn't know anywhere else I could find one at that time of night. "There's so much to see," I said as alluringly as I could. I was thinking maybe I should just leave when he stood up and walked around to the door. He was a giant, at least 6-foot-5, perhaps 6-6, and must have weighed about 270 pounds. He wore his pants belt under his belly, which jiggled under his checkered short-sleeved shirt with the shirttails out. Still kissing me, he took my right hand and placed it on his crotch. I was turning on an older man, and that was turning me on. His gnarled hands and his smoky mouth couldn't get enough of me. I loved the way my name sounded when he spoke it for the first time. He just drew me into him by my waist and kissed me.

As my hair got longer, I wore it mostly in a pony tail.

I had always considered myself a normal teenage boy. I imagined running my hands over their bare sides while my mouth nuzzled their necks and soft shoulders.

As I grew up, I compared my hair with other guys', and I always thought I had the nicest hair.

Then, I started comparing it to girls' hair, and I envied them a bit for being able to style their hair any way they wanted.

I got a job in a fast-food restaurant where I didn't eat anything.

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